The Untold story of a Street Child

The short film ‘Dark Moon’ has been discharged. Which is directed by Ramji Gnawali, who has been dynamic in craftsmanship news coverage for over a decade, the film stars Sahil Khan, Surya Thapa, Krizan Gautam within the lead parts, as well as Tanuja Karki, Nishav Lamsal and Yumi Baral.

Sahil Khan is the foremost requested trailer creator within the film industry. Surya has acted as an actress in a few movies whereas Krijan Gautam is a built-up child on-screen character within the Nepali film industry.

An endeavor is made to appear the social reality through ‘Dark Moon’. When a mother overlooks her obligation towards her child, where does her child’s future go? It tries to appear in a satisfying way possible. Director Gnawali says, “This is the genuine picture of the society. Which is attempted to appear from the movie. After observing this, each parent should think that their children are not destitute for their possess reasons. It’s the reason is to communicate the message that the long-term of the child ought to not be disheartening for individual bliss. ‘

When asked if the film only blames the mother, Gnawali added, “In truth, moms are incredible for each child. Most children in families without moms have endured.” Few fathers have as much duty for their children as moms do. ‘While tuning in to road children, most react that they have cleared out domestic since their moms have passed on or since they have not found another mother’s love.”

The story of Dark Moon is written by Pradip Bhardwaj, a successful film writer of the Nepali film industry. Produced by Krishma Gautam and Sara Bhurtel, the film is shot by Nawaraj Upreti. The film has Sudip Baral’s DOP, Alish Karki’s background score, Bishal Niraula’s singing and music, Sahil Khan’s editing.

The film is presented by The Celebrity Times. The movie has been made public through The Celebrity Times’ YouTube channel.
The teaser was made public only on Friday. The teaser aroused the curiosity of the audience.

Ramji, the director of ‘Dark Moon’, had earlier released a short film called ‘Luckdown’. Which was really appreciated by the audience.



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